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Got Lean?
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GSXR 1000 vs R1
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Motorcycle Illustrations By ArtKore
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ducati or c5?? - Click To Enlarge Picture
ducati or c5?? 2004-12-03
Viewed: 92 Time(s)
i let him take a picture witt his car a lil ahead of my ducati but afta da picture haha i raced his cheap ass all da wey down da highwey!!!
Enlarge PictureSave PictureSend To A Friend
champ of bahrain - Click To Enlarge Picture
champ of bahrain 2005-03-12
Viewed: 92 Time(s)
jus b4 da show
Enlarge PictureSave PictureSend To A Friend
open wide - Click To Enlarge Picture
open wide 2004-12-02
Viewed: 73 Time(s)
this is a picture of my 2003 yamaha m1 was tuned to the eXtent!!! been in 56 races and left skid marks on every one of them!!! all u ducati 999 and hyabusa owners no wat im talkin bout ryt? haha!! dont f0get it now!! check my baby out
Enlarge PictureSave PictureSend To A Friend
a different shade... - Click To Enlarge Picture
a different shade... 2004-12-03
Viewed: 63 Time(s)
watcha'll think sweet or wat???????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! haha
Enlarge PictureSave PictureSend To A Friend
black m1 - Click To Enlarge Picture
black m1 2004-12-03
Viewed: 57 Time(s)
this bike was an old time fav!!!! haha yea as u can see its a mean lean machine!!
Enlarge PictureSave PictureSend To A Friend
open wide... - Click To Enlarge Picture
open wide... 2004-12-03
Viewed: 55 Time(s)
wen u runnin on my lane, ima take u in, chew u up a lil an then spit u out!!!
Enlarge PictureSave PictureSend To A Friend
heads or tails? - Click To Enlarge Picture
heads or tails? 2004-12-20
Viewed: 55 Time(s)
tails win the toss!!!
Enlarge PictureSave PictureSend To A Friend
pearl - Click To Enlarge Picture
pearl 2005-06-10
Viewed: 49 Time(s)
this is another bike built up from scratch.
Enlarge PictureSave PictureSend To A Friend
scarr - Click To Enlarge Picture
scarr 2006-06-10
Viewed: 49 Time(s)
Enlarge PictureSave PictureSend To A Friend
another view? - Click To Enlarge Picture
another view? 2004-12-02
Viewed: 42 Time(s)
yea these are my headlights!!! wat u all think? ever seen beauty b4? haha yea i thought s0!!! You think cops gon catch me? GIMME A BREAK I'm super-charged with the hide-away license plate It seems they wanna finger print me and gimme some years Theyll only get one finger whil Im shiftin gears Let's take it to the streets cuz Im ready to skid marks all ova ur racin life an the people just love to stare so I GIV EM ALL DA HAPPINESS IN DA WORLD AN PARK IT!! Im about to take off, so F what ya heard cuz my side mirrors flap like a FUCKIN BIRD an the fools, we gon CLOCK ONE and ima POP ONE wheelie So gulls hold ya weave while I'm weaving through traffic I kicked to fifth gear and teared the road apart Its one mission, two clips and some triple beams I'M ABOUT TO BLOW THIS WHOLE SHIT UP TO SMITHEREENS!! u all still want to try? 56 races 56 wins
Enlarge PictureSave PictureSend To A Friend
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