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Motorcycle Illustrations By ArtKore
New Light For StuntinDec 13, 2003
By: Eev
Viewed: 11,510 Time(s)

Quoted from Starboy Scott's thread on StuntLife.com. This is a huge step for the stunt world!

We picked up a full bike sponsorship for the season of 2004. At the end of the season we will auction off the bikes, give proceeds to a charity. After that we get 3 new bikes for 2005.

After years of controversial letdowns, we finally got it. The crew is very very excited.

This will also open eyes up in the motorcycle industry. Everyone can benefit from thing like this. The more we get (stunters alike), the bigger the sport gets, leading into even bigger things.

5 years ago I would have never conceived of someone giving us bikes to ride. In 1997 there were only a few stunt related videos on the market. When more and more videos came onto the market years later what happened? The whole market just got bigger. No matter what, the sport gets bigger and better every year. Anything someone does for the sport, whether it is controversial or not helps make more people aware of what is going on. In the end this makes it bigger.

1998 we were in headline news all over the country, they made us out to look like serial killers or something. What did this do? In the end it helped create what we call today a sport.

I do what I do because its fun and I have fun doing it. Along the way we get what we want and we don't have to change our image or who we are to get it.

P.S. Since this site is on the Ganstar thing, I got a little story. It's about image and what not. Warhorse hired us to do a show this summer. Needless to say the night before the show we all went out and got drunk. The hotel sustained some damages.

The next day while we were performing the police came over to arrest the Starboyz. Warhorse had two choices, pay a two-thoasand dollar bill or let them arrest us. They paid the bill.

Later that day they sat down with us to go over stuff. They proceeded to tell us how much they loved the Starboyz and wanted us to represent them. During this time they popped the sponsorship idea. One month later we picked the bikes up. To this day we still joke around with them about the hotel thing.

I'm not saying what we do or what I do is right or wrong but I do what makes me happy. So do what makes you happy, and let other people do what they want to do. We've been here from the start and well be here till we are dead. Every year gets better for us, and we help others out where we can.

Anyway you look at it, this sponsorship deal is Ganstar!

Check out the Starboyz at:

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